31 December 2007

Google Maps My Location beta

In Google's recent Google Friends Newsletter we have this tidbit:

Google Maps for mobile, now with My Location (beta)

GPS-enabled mobile phones continue to rise in popularity - but most of us do not have that capability. Now, with the latest version of Google Maps for mobile, you can use the new My Location (beta) technology that uses normal cell phone towers to provide you with approximate location information. It's not GPS, but it comes pretty close. http://www.google.com/gmm

Cool stuff. The really interesting thing about this is the ability Google could eventually have to track location and correlate that to better target ads on the iPhone.

29 December 2007

More iPhone Features

If the folks over at Gear Live have the scoop on the newest iPhone firmware update, it looks like it will add some very cool features. My favorite will absolutely be the "Locate Me" feature added to the Google Maps application. Gear Live servers are slammed right now, but here are some of the small resolution images that look very authentic to me. With every iPhone software update, phone manufacturers everywhere are wishing they had a reliable way to distribute fixes and add features. Apple really has a competitive advantage with their ability to update the iPhone in the field.