04 June 2005

Throw Away Your Mop!

This last Christmas season my wife surprised me buy getting me a robotic vacuum. It was one of those great moments when you get a present, that you really wanted, but didn't really know you wanted it. The geek side of me totally took over and I spent hours watching it and trying to figure out how it works. The model she got me is the Roomba Discovery and we continue to use it to this day. We probably use it more than they expected, because the flexible side flapper that cleans edges broke. I went to the web site to order the part, and was greeted with this: Sure enough, they are going to make a robot that mops your floor too! I have to admit, this is a great use of technology and if it works well, I'll probably drop the cash for it. When I got through to the customer support people they quickly ordered new parts for free, because they thought they shouldn't have worn down so quickly. Very cool. I'm impressed.

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