14 March 2006

Office 11.2.3 Update

I haven't been this excited about an update for some time. Here's the best of what's new: Sync Services integration! - You can now sync Entourage 2004 calendar events, contacts and tasks with handheld devices (iPod and cell phones) and any other applications that support Mac OS Sync Services. Spotlight support for Entourage 2004- Now you can use spotlight to search your Entourage mail messages, events, contacts, notes and tasks! Smart card support for Entourage - Using Apple's Keychain technology, Entourage will allow customers to use their smart cards to digitally sign and encrypt mail. Government and military customers may now rejoice! We also have a new version of Mac Messenger, version 5.1, which has better Live Communications Server support. Update: Here's a link to the update since it looks like it hasn't dropped from Microsoft AutoUpdate yet.

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