16 May 2006

Glossy MacBook

Today Apple released the new MacBook. Several things to point out: 1. It comes in white and in a black! Cool. I wonder if the white is that cool "ivory" white like the first white iBooks... 2. FireWire is included and therefore not dead. ;-) 3. Larger trackpad to deal with larger screen. For me, and others with large hands, this is a bummer. The palm of each hand touches the track pad on each side, which makes the OS think I'm two finger scrolling. This makes my cursor disappear and then there's a delay when I go to use the mouse as the OS figures out that I'm no longer scrolling. I hope Apple fixes this in some future OS update. 4. Glossy screens. Just a few weeks ago my Dad asked me why his buddy's PC laptop had this shiny screen while his PowerBook's screen was not. I explained that this was for in store sales. I believe that glossy sells better on the show floor, even though in actual use the reflection is worse. I'm guessing Apple choose to go with glossy because of this. I don't think they'll ever go glossy on their Pro series. Update: You can get a glossy screen for the MacBook Pro as a build to order option! 5. The keyboard is new, "MacBook features a unique new keyboard design that sits flush against the bed for a sleeker, lower profile. Plus, you'll find a firmer touch when typing. That ought to make your fingers happy." Uh, sounds like some marketing spin... Before you buy, head down to your local Apple store and try out the keyboard first. I know I will. 6. IR port moved to the right hand side, rather than the center. 7. No latches or buttons to press on open! Magnetic latches. I'm going to want to try this out as well. Thank goodness we don't have floppy disks hanging around with all the magnetics in the lid and power cord port, you'd be bound to lose some data. My last remaining question is where are the wireless antennas? Is there a huge bar on the hinge like the MacBook Pros, or are they installed in the screen area? This laptop is very competitively priced. I think it will do very well. Update: A very nice comparison chart is located here.


Anonymous said...

Hi David

Glossy screens are now an option on the Pro range too.

See "Finishing Coat" at the bottom of http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/graphics.html.

It's also mentioned in the "Display type" line on the comparison chart.

…… said...

wow, ever mac are the first

Anonymous said...

You can buy the MacBook Pro with a glossy screen, too. It’s an option in the store.

Anonymous said...


It doesn't come standard, but as of today the MacBook Pro can be ordered with the glossy screen.

i-need-money said...

Well, actually Apple, today, offered the glossy screens as a BTO option (no extra charge) on the MBP's.

Personally, I think glossy screens are pointless. The may be shinier, but they are impossible to use, and hurt my eyes.

I think Apple should have offered the glossy screens as a BTO option, like on the Pro's.

-Daniel Gilmour

drift said...

Mercy me, what a beauty.
I'll have to give my powerbook a reassuring hug. You're still beautiful, baby, and always will be.

I like the look of the new keyboard as well ... hopefully it's a bit more sturdy than the current ones. My full-stop key pops off now and then if I hit it in the wrong place, and I know a few other people who's keys have broken.

David Weiss said...

Thanks for the correction on the glossy screen option for the Pro laptops. I've updated the post.

Joel Esler said...

I took your advice and went down and tried out the keyboard. While the spacing between keys is a little to get used to, I find it no different (well a little bit) than typing on my Powerbook. One think I like about it, is.. after I get a haircut or something, or shave, inevitably there are little hairs SOMEWHERE (on my fingers, on my face..) that, if I don't take a shower right away... (I can't stand hair on me after a haircut) and I use my computer, these little hairs find their way under the keyboard keys. (My old iBook has this problem).

This might prevent that., along with dirt and whateverelse getting underneath the keys. But for the most part the keyboard is the same. Just a bit of a gap in between the keys (and there really isn't. Just the keys come straight up and all other laptop keyboards kinda 'taper')

astronautje said...

it is indeed a beautiful piece of technology, and i am going to try to get my girlfriend one for her birthday..

they always say get what you want yourself.
i myself have a mac Mini, and i got myself a 19"inch screen, and god it is beautiful!



Charlie said...

Although the MacBook is a cool new machine, it has at least one major setback - graphics. Unlike the MacBook Pro and other $1000 and up laptops, MacBook has only 64MB of graphics memory. If that isn't bad enough, the 64MB is actually shared with the RAM. No separate graphics card means no upgrading. And that's bad news considering the standard graphics memory a couple of years from now will be at least 256MB.

These archaic graphics capabilities will definitely set back anyone that wants both Windows and OS X on their Apple computers. The new Windows Vista operating system scheduled for release in under a year requires 128MB for graphics and recommends 256MB.

The salesman at the Apple store explained to me that MacBook is aimed toward consumers, not professionals. I suggest that any consumer who wants to invest his or her money wisely should go Pro.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I love Macintosh. I have been using it since I could use a computer and my family has been using the system since it came together in the eighties. I'm just really glad it has been picking up advertising and consumers. There is so much more you can do with a Mac than a Windows.