19 June 2006

Interface Guidelines

Here's a fun comparison:

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines

Windows XP - Guidelines for Applications

Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Read them if you'd like, but for now, just consider the main page of each guide. Who do you think will be most successful at getting their developers to really follow the guidelines and make their applications "full citizens" on the platform?

Design matters.

On every page.


SemantemeDev said...

Um, Apple?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, there was a question ? ;)
This said, it's a pretty easy way to see how each company is concerned about these guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, David. Was there ANY question ? Oh wait...someone already posted that.


Uh, Apple ?

Darn...someone already posted that too !

How come all the witty posts have been used up already ?!?

Anyway, you get the point by now, I'm sure.

La Manzana es la que gana !

Saint Fnordius said...

1. "Design guidelines? Oh. Yeah, we have some here somewhere."

2. "Here's some design guidelines. you might want to read them."

3. "Here's some nifty design guidelines. You'll like them, they're neat!"

4. "This is our Holy Bible of Design Guidelines. Use it, and be blessed. Ignore it, and your application will suffer."