25 July 2006

My WWDC Wishlist

After reading John Siracusa's hilarious post about WWDC Buzz Word Bingo, I got to thinking about what I'd most like to see at WWDC. Here's my list:

1. Make it brain dead simple to write multi-threaded applications.

How simple? If my application runs fast on a dual core machine, I want it to run twice as fast on a quad-core, no recompile. Too difficult? I'd settle for automatically routing all AppKit method calls to the main thread only, so anything the user sees with their eyes is on the main thread, but everything else happens on other threads, no extra coding by me.

2. Widescreen iPod phone

First and foremost, make it a great phone. Second an iPod. Third, and a distant third at that, a platform I can build upon.

3. Video Airport Express

Encode TV signal to MPEG 4 and send to my Mac's disk drive in real time while I watch another channel streaming from my Mac.

That's it. I'd be happy with that.

P.S. If you are going to be at WWDC this year, drop me a line. I'll be there, and I'd love to chat!


Anonymous said...

But your wish for the Video Airport Express works the opposite way that the current Airport Express. The current one streams to the stereo from the computer not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

"Make it brain dead simple to write multi-threaded applications".

I'd love this too, but unfortunately this isn't a problem that can be solved by the OS. If you want to make it brain-dead simple to write multi-threaded apps, you have to build that into a language design. Yes, there are things Apple can do in the OS - call an API and a task happens on a separate thread that you don't have to know about - and some of these happen already. Core Audio does this, for example. The more Apple does here, the better. But if you have different parts of your own code you want to run on different processors, you're going to have to write it - Apple can't magically make it work on your existing code.

Sure would be nice, though.