01 August 2006

Colour Like No Other

I remember the first time I saw this Sony commercial, I was blown away. Check out the high quality QuickTime movie here. Simply amazing. This is the kind of creative advertising that inspires, entertains and sells. Well, it looks like they are at it again!

What happens when you strap 70,000 liters of paint to the sides of some old buildings and explode the colored paint everywhere? I guess we'll find out.


Anonymous said...

A British drink company who make the drink Tango payed homage to the Bravia comercial.

YouTube link:

Google Video link:

Anonymous said...

The image of smothering innocent plant life with huge gobs of paint -- which, let's be frank, isn't a particular nice substance -- actually makes me feel a bit disgusted, which I'm sure is not what Sony was aiming for.

And in general the whole waste-of-resources and throwing-chemicals-into-the-environment isn't a particularly positive image. I know in the big scheme of things that manufacturing a hundred Bravia TVs probably causes more damage to the Earth than this stunt did, but there's still something icky about being so brazen about it.

Anonymous said...

It's not quite as bad as Chris perceived...

The Clean Up: http://www.bravia-advert.com/paint/the-clean-up/

Michael said...

Y'know that bouncy ball add wasn't actually very original - every year at Reed College in Portland, OR (for as far back as anyone can remember bouncy balls) they've had a midninght "ball drop" down Woodstock Ave. in front of the college - it's an amazing experience and part of an even more amazing experience called Renn Fayre - which, despite the name is more like a techno-geek-mind-altering-drug event than a fantasy-D&D-fair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the clean up. The original photo looked like thick acrylic paint rather than the non-toxic water-based paint they said they used, which is why I wasn't very happy.