08 September 2006

Microsoft Cafeteria Tour 2006

You may not know it, but the Microsoft Redmond campus has like 100 different buildings. Okay, maybe not exactly 100, but there are a bunch, and for every 3 or so buildings, there is a different Microsoft cafeteria. Some buddies and I decided we'd try to visit each and every one, in Redmond at least, and document the journey. Everyone's always talking about Google's swanky eats, so consider this your Microsoft guided tour of our swanky eats. ;-) You'll notice us following in great MS tradition by naming our project something as approachable and easy to remember and understand as "MSCT2k6". Of course, we couldn't do this without some kind of memorabilia, so you guessed it, shirts, mugs, bags and yes, the MSCT Rectangle Magnet. As our tour leader says, "Consume! It'll make you feel better, honest."

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