14 March 2007

The Cool Kids

Everyone has their own favorite language. Steve Rowe just pointed me to this funny my-language-is-better-than-yours graph. I found it really funny. I think Objective-C is just above C++ but below C. Where are you? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely (and yes, funny too). As for ruby lets not go out of our way and call it a language ;-)

PS: People like me --> Embedded C programmers?

Anonymous said...

And where does my mAd Lingo/hypertalk sKi11z fit into this :-D

hmmm.... i guess in the lowest square.

Anonymous said...

OMG -- you forgot Smalltalk ... or was it way off the top of the chart?

Anonymous said...

No Smalltalk wasn't forgotten - it must be under Lisp somewhere :)

Alan Kay on Lisp: "The greatest single programming language ever designed."

Anonymous said...

You forgot bash scripters. :/ ;)