27 May 2007

Coming Home

May we all experience a joyful reunion like this! And for those in the United States, Happy Memorial Day.


Hansel said...

that was beautiful david. I hope to God that this horrible war stops soon, and we have some sorely needed peace in the world!

Anonymous said...

sniff sniff

Maags said...

Oh my God, I cried and cried with that little boy. What a moving and sweet, heart felt video. Thanks for sharing.

Orlando said...

That was awesome!
I am 31 years old, and I cried like that when my 40 year old brother, came home from his third tour in Iraq. He has been in the Army for the past twenty years. We cringe at the thought that he may need to go back.... He signed up for another three years! God bless our troops! They all need to come home soon!
Thank you so much for sharing that video.