12 September 2007

Workspace Traditions

Every company, every team has their different traditions and specific culture and Microsoft is no exception. Christian Buckley of BlueBadgeMojo.com pokes some fun at what I think is a Microsoft specific tradition of "decorating" offices of people gone for an extended period of time. I remember carting in sand for a "beach house" office decoration way back. Where did it all start? I guess I'll never know.

What funny workspace traditions do you have? Have you seen the office decoration thing outside of Microsoft?


Nadyne Richmond said...

When the RDC PM went on paternity leave, several of us in the offices around him covered all flat surfaces in his office in this immensely ugly baby wrapping paper.

Not that this helps you for non-MSFT, but I figured I'd share anyway. It took me a long time to get his laptop wrapped in such a way that it was covered but still usable!

Anonymous said...

Here in Brazil we have one called "never leave your screen unprotected". If you do, someone will sit at your computer, change your MSN/Sametime/Gtalk into something gayish, and will have you "come out of the closet", or declare your love to someone else...

Hanya seorang hamba said...

Welcome back, David.
Been missing your words while you were away.
Congratulation with new baby.
Write up (blog up?) soon.

Teknologika said...


when a co-worker went on leave 2 weeks before christmas, we decided he needed some "decorations" .. pictues are here. http://www.teknologika.com/blog/MerryChristmasChris.aspx

ffaelan said...

When I worked @ Theatreworks in palo alto years ago we had a tradition of "killing" people that left the company. we wrapped them in shipping cling wrap and photographing their "demise". flown up on a winch, fed through a table saw, stuff like that. always two pictures, one for us and one for them to remember us by.

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Unknown said...

Very funny tradition... The picture made me laugh!

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