10 April 2006

Ariel Motor Car

What happens when you remove everything from a car that doesn't contribute to driving performance? You produce my new dream car. Thanks to Brammo Motorsports and Ariel Motor Company for reminding me what can be done with just 7 employees focused like a laser on a single goal: driving performance. What did they name it? The Atom. What a great name. Check it out. Link


Anonymous said...

Now I know why you liked ATOM so much for our project code name.

David Weiss said...

Actually, our ATOM code name came unrelated to this beautiful car discovery, but it might make a nice icon... ;-)

Josh Peters said...

The Ariel Atom was shown on the BBC car show "Top Gear" a vid is available on youtube.com. Jeremy Clarkson's face is quite hilarious as he drives the Atom on their track.

It's an amazing looking vehicle.