14 April 2006

Office 2004 Benchmarks in Rosetta

MacTech has a very interesting benchmarking article on how well Office 2004 performs in Rosetta. Check it out here. One of my jobs here at work is to build and maintain the automated performance test we run on Office. We worked with Apple to make sure Rosetta worked well with Office 2004 and Apple did a great job. I am continually amazing at what a high performance machine the Intel iMac has turned out to be. Even with the faster hard drive in the iMac, I'm amazed at how much better it performs then a MacBook Pro. Apple hasn't released the detailed specs on the MacBook Pro yet, so I'm still a little bit stumped by the difference.

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Anonymous said...

I think that I remember an article from www.hardmac.com which states that Apple underclocked the CPU and GPU on the MacBooks to allow for a cooler thermal envelope (allowing for slower running fans and less heat). The iMacs, as desktops, have more room inside, which allows better heat flow, which in turn allows for higher speeds since the iMacs don't need to be underclocked.