19 May 2006

Mactopia Newsletter

Did you know MacBU has a monthly email newsletter? If you didn't, now you do. You can sign up for it here. It can inform you of interesting articles like how to share Entourage information with other devices or Nine ways to speed up Virtual PC for Mac. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to intrude but oh I am sooooo inlove with your blog!! Finally!!! someone who choose to wirte about MACINTOSH!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

Norman said...

Thanks for the info, man. I'll be checking this blog more often since I plan to get a new mac for the office.

The new kids nowadays just sneer at my G5 when they come over to print their little projects.

Did you know it smells rather pleasant inside a heildeberg film printer?

prom expert said...

do you know that your blog is interesting, if not now you do

Adam807 said...

Ironically, I couldn't sign up for a Microsoft ID in Safari, and had to wait 'til I got to work and used Explorer for Windows!

Man, signing up for that newsletter had more steps and security than applying for a credit card.

David Weiss said...

Firefox should work for the Microsoft ID. About the time Apple consolidated their IDs (DevCenter, iTunes, .Mac, AppleStore) Microsoft also consolidated on Passport. It's too bad the sign up process has so much friction involved. Sorry for the pain, I wish we could depart from the corporate standard in this thing. Thanks for trying.

David Weiss