19 October 2006


Jonathan Rentzsch is putting on a small developer conference called C4. For various reasons I'm not able to go, but oh how I want to. I'm SO glad it's going to be re-broadcast like Evening at Adler was. Any how, I just found out that one of our Office developers, namely Olof Hellman, is making the trek all the way from Redmond to Chicago for the conference! I'm so jealous. The good news is that he'll be blogging about it on our team blog, Mac Mojo, so if you haven't subscribed to the Official MacBU blog and are interested in C4, I'd subscribe to the blog just for Olof's guest posts while at the conference.


Anonymous said...

And it will be a treat to have Olof. He's the guy who explained, at the molecular grain level, why some grades of steel bend under load while others break. Oh, and how to make transparent aluminum. It's cool to share a ride to MacHack with a material scientist :-)


Anonymous said...

So, I'd like to hear more about this transparent aluminum!