26 October 2006

Apple General Blogs

This is part 1 in my "Blogs I Read" series. I hope you find it useful. Infinite Loop - Ars Technica Staff - Feed I found Ars Technica before it had an RSS feed and it quickly earned a place on my bookmark bar. Infinite Loop is the Apple subsection or "journal" of their main site and they do a good job of finding interesting stuff Apple related. They put it best: "Infinite Loop is Ars Technica's journal devoted to Apple and Apple related ventures." My favorite part about their web site? Their tag line: "Serving the PC enthusiast for over 6 x 10^-2 centuries" Daring Fireball - John Gruber - Feed I really don't know where John came from, just that all of the sudden there was this guy who seemed to continuously have these very detailed and interesting Mac articles on his web site. That was a while back, now he's gone "pro" as a full-time blogger. His business model? Buy a shirt from him, and get full access to his daily links RSS feed for 1 year. I hope he's able to keep it up. His best post ever: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted in which he single handedly explains the joys of being a young Dad, the priceless nature of a single photo and the core reason all of us really need a bullet-proof backup system like Time Machine. FatBits - John Siracusa - Feed John Siracusa does excellent long form reporting of Apple and the Mac OS. Since we moved from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X he has done the most extensive analysis of each of the major OS releases. Even with months of experience with the OS seeds we get from Apple, John still seems to find plenty new and interesting. John's blog is a classic quality over frequency type of blog. Planet Tao of Mac - Various Authors - Feed This is a cool collection blog of many Mac users around the world. I like it because 1) I was asked to be a part of it. ;-) and 2) It helps me keep my thinking about Apple and the Mac OS in a more world wide view point rather than the US centric standard. Slashdot: Apple - Various Slashdot Users - Feed Slashdot's tag line is: "News for nerds, stuff that matters" and that pretty much sums it up. It's also kind of nice to get my daily dose of MS hate and Apple love in one place. ;-) Think Secret - Unknown - Feed There are many Apple rumor blogs, and they all seem to have about the same "quality". I just picked one. It's a never ending pass-time to guess about what Apple might do next. So this blog fills that need, if you have it.


Anonymous said...


I got a link to your blog via TUAW. I am pretty sure we shared an office when we were working for Bruce Lee & Gary English before you went to Brazil. Nice to see you still working for the man.

- John

David Weiss said...


Great to hear from you! You indeed have identified me correctly. Are you still developing on the Mac? Drop me a line!

David Weiss

Beverley said...

Nazir Says ... Isn't the world a small place.. Someone you worked with left for another country thousands of miles away.. and then your paths cross again over the internet..

Internet .. "brings continents closer together.."