01 November 2006

Business Blogs

This is part 2 in my "Blogs I Read" series. I hope you find it useful.

Unitus Microfinance Blog - Unitus Employees - Feed

Unitus is a very cool company that focuses on alleviating global poverty by increasing access to microfinance. What I like best about this company is that they are proving that "doing the right thing" (helping the poor) doesn't just make sense in a non-tangible-good-karma-kind-of-way, it actually makes ROI business sense! We need more companies like this.

Sviokla's Context - John Sviokla - Feed

This is one of my favorite blogs. From his web page: "Dr. John J. Sviokla is vice chairman of Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, Inc., and serves on the firm’s Board of Directors as Global Managing Director of Innovation and Research. For the past nineteen years, Dr. Sviokla has been pursuing one simple question: How can executives create value with technology? He is a frequent speaker at executive forums and guest professor at institutions including Harvard, MIT, the London Business School, and Oxford." Every post is interesting, well written and thought provoking. Simply put, if you're interested in business, you'll want to read as many of his archived posts as you can.

the legal thing... - Michael Dillon - Sun General Council - Feed

You can't have a really successful business without getting involved with the legal side of things. It's very much the context in which the game of business is played. For "legal reasons" it's rare to find an interesting lawyer blog, but to find a General Counsel blogging, well that's some thing very unusual. It's a new blog, but so far it's been worth the read.

Wall Street Breakfast - Seeking Alpha Staff - Feed

One page annotated Wall Street Journal summaries. What can I say, it's quick and informative. It helps me put businesses and industries in context.

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