03 July 2007

iPhone Applications

When Apple announced that the "sweet" iPhone Software Development Kit was going to be AJAX and "Web 2.0 stuff", most developers scoffed. A few went to work, and now we are starting to see some web applications built specifically for the iPhone.

First up is a very nicely designed shopping list application named OneTrip. It was the first iPhone application released as far as I can tell. It's also my personal favorite.

Then 37Signals Ta Da List web app simply senses if you are hitting their website from an iPhone and adjusts to look like this:

OmniGroup is working on a version of their getting-things-done application OmniFocus for the iPhone and they have some screenshots online here.

Notice how these iPhone web apps follow or try to follow very closely the iPhone look and feel. This is a testament to how these developers really get the "build the experience" ethos. That said, even with all this focus on looking "iPhone-like" without the smooth transitions, it's really quite a different feel.

An attempt at a full list of all iPhone web apps can be found at iPhone Application List, but be prepared for some ugly looking iPhone apps. I think the delay in releaseing a "real" iPhone SDK may actually help cement the iPhone experience. With a solid customer expectation of what it means to be an "iPhone app" this could actually lead to an better user experiece with all 3rd party iPhone applications long term. Let's hope!

Apple's official documentation and guidelines for developing for the iPhone are located here: http://developer.apple.com/iphone/


Unknown said...

There's a good list that has all the iPhone apps and widgets that is updated daily. They have our widget there.

It's at iPhone Widget List: http://iphonewidgetlist.com

Unknown said...

Don't forget AddFone

a search engine for iPhone related applications that has the largest database of applications around, almost twice as large as the second largest list.

AddFone is a search engine and it is very fast!

Unknown said...

Hi, we have a little app to share - iPoll. It lets you create, vote on, share, and send polls. You can share them with friends or the world. Create your own polls or just cruise around the current favorites. It's great way to waste 5 min waiting for a bus.


Anonymous said...

My little app has picked up some traction, http://www.iphonenetworktest.com. Great to see how fast your iPhone is on edge or wifi.

Davide Di Cillo said...

I'd like to share with you iPhone Applications, an easy access directory divided by category of web applications developed for iPhone

Unknown said...

Ta Da List is okay, but it's pretty basic. Toodledo has just created an iPhone optimized version of their powerful task manager. It allows you to have due-dates, repeating tasks, goals, folders, etc.


You might want to check it out.

Gustaf Alstromer said...

Also check out heysan! AIM, MSN, ICQ which is a free IM application optimized for iPhone. We got listed by macrumors as a top 3 iPhone app form the iPhonedevcamp last weekend.


Anonymous said...

More a website adjusted for the iphone than an application, I ran across this today www.employmentspot.com/iPhone . Interestingly imagine if someone with an iPhone was looking for a job, I would hope they had a bit in the bank. I can't see the unemployed rushing out to find jobs through the iphone.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, you forgot Earthcomber!



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Application Name: Earthcomber

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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