03 July 2007

iPhone Envy

Admittedly, my sample is skewed, but I have yet to talk to anyone at work who doesn't want an iPhone. Even the skeptics, after playing with one in person have tried to purchase one. Tried and failed only because every store in the state of Washington is sold out right now. There's even been some talk about iPhones as our ship gifts for Office 2008, but I think that's just a vicious rumor. The universal reason for not getting one: finances. I'm not saying that Apple over priced the iPhone, but that the iPhone is so compelling that no one is saying they don't want one. Everyone does, just not everyone has figured out how to work it out financially just yet. Now that's impressive.

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Nadyne Richmond said...

I think we're unlikely to get the iPhone as a ship gift because the iPhone requires a two-year contract, and they don't want to force us into having such a beast with a given cellular provider. Think of how much it would suck if you bought a Samsung Blackjack when it came out a few months ago, you've got a two-year contract on another provider, and now we hand you a shiny new iPhone that you can't do anything with because you're tied to your old provider for another year or more.